BWV 1007 - Suite No.1 in G, for Solo Cello. in G
  Traditional guitar versions are in D.
Written circa 1720.
Scoring: cello
BWV 1008 - Suite No.2 in d- for Solo Cello. in d minor Written circa 1721.
Scoring: cello
BWV 1009 - Suite No.3 in C for Solo Cello. in C Written circa 1722.
Scoring: cello
BWV 1010 - Suite No.4 in E-flat for Solo Cello. in E-flat Written circa 1723.
Scoring: cello
BWV 1011 - Suite No.5 in c- for Solo Cello [SEE ALSO BWV 995 (lute version), where I've listed all the GUITAR versions!] in c minor
  GUITARISTS TAKE NOTE: This work was later transcribed by Bach for lute, as BWV 995. Most guitar versions are based on that version and listed under BWV 995.
Written circa 1724.
Scoring: cello
BWV 1012 - Suite No.6 in D for Solo Cello. in D Written circa 1725.
Scoring: Viola pomposa (a five-stringed instrument)
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